Hilon is Indonesia’s leading non-woven material manufacturer. We are the industries leading employer, partner and investment of choice.
Its a position based on strong, accountable and safety-conscious leadership.

Board of directors

The board of directors is responsible to shareholders for Hilons performance.

The founder of Hilon

Mr J.H Choi, the founder of Hilon, took on responsibility very early in his life. As a Korean war refugee, without a father, he was responsible for his whole family from a young age. He took his responsibility seriously and his vision and commitment never wavered.

In 1970, Mr Choi challenged the status quo. At that time Korea was used to polypropylene nonwoven materials. Mr. Choi was able to foresee the potential of Polyester Nonwoven materials. Yes, it was more expensive but Nonwoven material was superior in quality, particularly in the manufacturing of bedding and soft furnishings.

In the early 1970s, he had agreed to produce Polyester Nonwovens exclusively with the major fibre producers. He actively promoted the superior quality of the product and educated the market by demonstrating the positive cost/benefit equation. Backing a superior product proved hugely successful for Choi and his reputation, as well as the Hilon brand. His name and the Hilon brand have become synonomous with quality in the nonwoven industry in Korea.

His success in bedding and soft furnishing flowed into the other nonwoven industries such as garment production, automotive engineering, construction and filtration. Hilon was successfully listed on the Korean stock exchange (KOSDAQ) and subsequently benefited many investors in Korea.

In 1997, Hilon like many companies, suffered during the Asian Financial Crisis. Despite this, Mr. Choi’s unwavering commitment to producing quality materials in the emerging market of Indonesia continued. He invested heavily in Indonesia during this tumultuous economic period, until now. Hilon has become the leader of Polyester Nonwoven industry in Indonesia and it now supports many different industries, customers and suppliers. His reputation, extensive experience and industry networking attracted many successful engineers and industry professionals to come on board, to help drive the largest and fastest growing country in the South East Asia. Today, Mr. Choi travels regularly to the 8 plants and 4 branches across Sumatera, Kalimatan, Sulawesi and different cities in Java.

From a humble start, it is truly a remarkable achievement.