Hilon is synonomous with quality throughout Asia. Hilon Nonwoven products are at the core of many and varied industries from mining to construction, agriculture, manufacturing and infrastructure. Hilon is built on a promise of quality, which underpins all that it helps to create.

Part of the fabric of Indonesia
Hilon Nonwoven products  can be found at the core of Indonesia’s major industries. Mining, construction, agriculture, manufacturing and infrastructure. We’re proud to work on major projects for Government and corporate partners that help build the Indonesia of tomorrow. As the economy grows and diversifies, we do too.

Getting it right from the start
We’ve had first-world standards of production for over 40 years. This starts with the excellent working conditions we provide for our staff, and extends to our stringent quality control standards. Ensuring we give a world-class experience to the 240 million people who use our products in countless ways across Indonesia every day.

Honest, raw materials every time
You expect the best when you use our materials to build highways and railways, insulate roofs and walls, or finish cars and soft furnishings. And as you build quality products, we build our reputation. We’ve always believed quality starts from the inside. A philosophy that gives you peace of mind knowing we’ll always deliver what we say we’ll deliver.

We’d like to make you a promise
We have 9 regional factories across Indonesia. This translates to better buying power, and better prices for you. As well as fast and on-time delivery. We treat our customers as part of the Hilon family with regular visits and continuous communication to make sure you have everything you need.

Dreamers wanted
Honesty. Integrity. An unwavering commitment to quality. They’re Hilon’s core values. And our people bring each of them to the table, each and every day. But there’s something else that sets a Hilon person apart. They’re also dreamers. Revolutionaries. Challengers of the norm and inventors of the new. They’re the ones who’ll ensure that we’ll deliver on our objectives and realise our ambitions. That’s why we’re committed to discovering, recruiting and nurturing the most talented individuals in the industry.

Staying at the cutting edge
The finest Nonwoven products are always the outcome of a superior process. Our high-end facilities throughout Indonesia employ world-leading machinery from DILO (Germany), Asseline (France) and Fehrer (Austria) to provide capabilities that none of our competitors can match. And once the product rolls off the line, Hilon’s seamless delivery network ensures transportation times are reduced, and deadlines are met.

Think local. Act global.
We’re a company with global standards and ambitions. But that doesn’t mean we’ve lost sight of our responsibilities to Indonesia and its communities. We employ over 2,000 people across the country. And our success is their success. So we understand the need to balance the aspirations of our team with the demands of modern business. Through proactive talent management, we’re continually identifying future leaders then working with them to achieve their full potential.

Making each day a little better
Over 200 million Indonesians use Hilon products everyday. And while it’s true that many of them may not even know it, it’s important to us to that everything we do should have a positive impact on our country and its communities. This aim has driven our quality control for over 40 years. By working in partnership with everyday Indonesians, we’re making a significant, positive and sustainable difference to the world around us.

Hilon network plants
Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Solo, Palembang, Medan

Hilon sales branches
Bali, Kelaten, Makasar, Pontianak