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Getting it right from the start.

Very good quality polyester staple fibers

We have starting the production Polyester Staple Fibers business on 2012 in central of jawa and 2014 in east of java.

Honesty. Integrity. An unwavering commitment to quality.

They’re Hilon’s core values. And our people bring each of them to the table, each and every day.

Staying at the cutting edge

The finest products are always the outcome of a superior process. Our high-end facilities throughout Indonesia employ world-leading machinery

Industrial, commercial and residential clients rely on Hilon for superior insulation

Hilon has been involved with countless projects that aim to keep the heat and noise out (or in) as requested.

Think local. Act global

We’re a company with global standards and ambitions. But that doesn’t mean we’ve lost sight of our responsibilities to Indonesia and its communities.

We work with some of biggest names in world fashion

Hilon products are primarily used for their industry-leading insulation properties in high performance jackets, gloves, shoes and bags.

Supporting Indonesia’s boom mining sector

Hilon Geotextile is used by Indonesia’s boom mining sector to provide strong, stable road surfaces for the transportation of millions of tonnes of raw materials by heavy machinery.

Making each day a little better

Over 200 million Indonesians use Hilon products everyday. And while it’s true that many of them may not even know it, it’s important to us to that everything we do should have a positive impact on our country and its communities.

Strong and accountable leadership

Our leadership team has over 60 years combined experience producing Non Woven Materials

Golf and Bunker Geotextile by Hilon ensures the bunkers are always in tip-top condition

Government infrastructure major projects

Whether constructing a roadway, railway, highway, designing an erosion control plan or installing a sub-surface drainage system, you can count on the proven benefits of non-woven geotextiles.

Hilon Nonwoven Products for Agriculture

Hilon Geotextile helps support the load. Geotextile bonds to soil particles beneath the construction to strengthen and reinforce the foundation but is porous enough to allow the free flow of water through it.

Our fillings are super-resilient, comfortable and hygienic

Resilient, comfortable and hygienic fillings for sofas and mattress. fillings for pillows and duvets
Request: list range of products that use Hilon products. Highlight scale.

Top automotive brands partner with Hilon to provide a soundproof, comfortable driving experience.

The superior materials made by Hilon insulate the body of the car to ensure that any driving vibrations are silenced, and that the temperature inside the car can be controlled to suit the driver and passengers.

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